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I am very concerned about the growing level of illiteracy among our children. This blog is for parents who are homeschooling, parents whose children are falling behind at school and they don't know how to help them, teachers who would like to bounce ideas off an experienced teacher or get ideas to help student with problems. I will do everything in my power to help anyone in the areas of reading and writing.

In this blog I'll be using the original English spelling forms, so please make allowances if you're American or have been taught the American spelling form.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby talk leads to life of literacy

This is a great article from the Times Colonist. It talks about the best and easiest way to prepare your child for literacy.

Toddlers from talkative homes have advantage in learning, research finds.

By Katherine Dedyna

Chatting with toddlers helps them develop a good vocabulary before they reach school age.

It's easy to forgive parents for feeling exhausted when faced with all the options to help improve their toddler's literacy and language development before school. Think everything from flash cards to Baby Einstein DVDs.

But there's one thing that's so easy, parents can do it any time, any place for free and kids will love it. Talk to them and give their fledgling words your full attention.

Inviting children to express their thoughts is a huge stepping stone to literacy, says Trish Main, a learning initiatives teacher with Greater Victoria School District.

For the rest of this excellent article click here.

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